Bloom Buggie Creative Co.


Bloom Buggie Creative Co. focuses on bringing art to the children of Jacksonville Florida through the use of mobile art trucks that travel to different schools and locations in the area. The idea is to create a fun art brand that would inspire children creatively and keep them out of harm in a positive, community-based environment. 

The logo mark accurately represents the uniqueness and fun creative aspect of Bloom Buggie Creative Co with abstract illustrative elements and colorful brand colors. The badge-like circle is broken into sections and left open to represent the idea that children are not locked in or enclosed in any way, and instead are encouraged to express themselves through their art in any way they choose.


Art Suuplies


Brand Guidelines

Color Palette & Pattern


Bloom Buggie Creative Co. take home informational brochure for parents and guardians. Students recieve these brochures at school and are instructed to deliver to their guardians at home to encourage their participation in the positive and encouraging atmosphere. 




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