Through the Looking-Glass

Typesetting & Illustration

Travel back in time with this historical tribute to Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass. Written in England in 1871, the type treatment of the novel directly reflects the setting and time period. The typeface Mrs Eaves highlights the fairy tale’s whimsical and royal tone, with letters curling below the baseline. Snell Roundhand serves as the scripted chapter heads to contrast the body copy while still playing off of the whimsical theme.  

In terms of illustration, the cover needed to reflect the elegant and royal fairytale of the story. Bright blues and greens create a colorful whirlpool effect trapping the audience and pulling them into the fairy tale story alongside Alice. If you look close enough, you will find the hidden focal point inside the intricate detailing of the gold looking glass.




Kindle Fire

Digital Version

Step inside the magic of Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass anywhere you go. With the downloadable Kindle version, you can be transported into Alice’s wonderland at the touch of a button.